Framed Prints

Decorate any room with our large-format prints. Upload your own designs or photos and choose your frame to make your memories last a lifetime.

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Are you a budding creative that wants to sell their work?
Have you purchased a digital download that you want to print?
Do you want to brighten up a wall or decorate a room in your own home, office, business or school?
Or are you looking for a memorable present for all the family?
You can create your own amazing prints with our high quality printing service.


  • High quality 200gsm Photosatin, eco-friendly paper which reduces the carbon footprint – which is good for the planet!
  • Printed in UV inks using the latest large format technology.
  • Minimum of 150dpi resolution.
  • Smudge and water resistant ink.


  • Includes Acrylic Safety Glazing or Glass.
  • Hardboard Backing To Keep Your Artwork Flat.
  • Can by Hung on Wall or Stood using its Stand Back.
  • All sizes larger than A4 come supplied with wall hanging brackets only as they are just too large to stand freely on a table top or desk.
  • Black Picture Frame is made from High Quality Composite Resin with a 20mm Wide High Quality Matte Black Frame.
  • Black and White Aluminium Frames are made from high quality aluminium with a 9mm Wide High Quality Matte Black Frame.
  • Individually Wrapped with Corner Protection.

If you would like to make a bespoke or bulk order then please call us on: 01789 204272 or email us on hello@prontaprintbuyonline.com