Floor Marker Kit

£ 150.00 Plus VAT

Turnaround: 4-5 Working Days

Help people to stay safe and keep 2 metres apart in public queues and workplaces. Designed to encourage social distancing and to create 'wait behind this line' instructions to help industries comply with the Coronavirus / Covid-19 regulations. The highly visible floor signs measure 235mm across and are printed onto the underside of a clear PVC film and then laminated on the back surface with an aggressive permanent adhesive. Available as a text instruction "Stop – Keep Your Distance – Protect Yourself And Others´┐Ż kit or as an International symbol-only version kit.

Tough and durable and made to withstand busy environments they are suitable for use on dry, flat, clean surfaces ideally for internal use. Ideal for supermarkets, banks, fast food outlets, petrol stations, hospitals and pharmacies.

Kit contents

  • SDKIT1A - 5 floor markers, 1 roll of lane marking tape and 5 pairs of feet.